Allegations regarding other FPMT teachers

Charles Trebaol

Venerable Charles Trebaol, also known as Thubten Kunga, is a teacher with FPMT France and affiliated with the Vajra Yogini Institute based in Marzens, France. In this comment shared in the Tibet Sun, T-moté says that he knows a girl who was sexually abused by Charles Trebaol. FPMT are fond of heaping praises on him but it seems he is not as clean and pure as they portray him to be. T-moté also says that Yangsi Rinpoche, another FPMT teacher based in France is also known for sexually abusing students.

Charles Trebaol
Yangsi Rinpoche

Kyagzar from France corroborates T-moté’s statement on the Tibet Sun. According to Kyagzar, Yangsi Rinpoche is not actually a monk but wears robes or robe-like clothes to deceive the unsuspecting public, and is also currently committing adultery. He said that FPMT has a reputation for supporting molesters and fake monks. Given the experiences of Dagri Rinpoche’s victims, this is not unsurprising.

It’s not only Dagri Rinpoche, Geshe Thubten Chonyi and Yangsi Rinpoche who have been abusing their female students, but now allegations are being made about Lama Osel too. Lama Osel is the reincarnation of Lama Yeshe, the founder of FPMT.

Lama Osel


  1. Avril
    November 14, 2021

    Good evening, my lama has apologized. The case is closed and besides it did not concern the FPMT. I ask you to remove my comment of November 8, 2021. Thank you. But you will be aware of other practices of this style and perhaps the reasons.

  2. BT Tay
    June 26, 2019

    I call out to Palden Lhamo :

    Now , please Palden Lhamo : as a female Dharma Protector – please , please , please:
    what is to be done with male spiritual sexual abuse/misconduct/predators?

    Now , Mahakali , please give all your super power blessings to people
    like the creator of this website .

    1. Avril
      November 8, 2021

      It is unfortunately a nasty habit that comes from Tibet, from the so-called mad wisdom and also from Vajrayana: why do lamas say that one can obtain Buddhahood in one life with Vajrayana techniques: THE ASS .
      There is another degree of rape and almost impossible to believe: rape on the wind, that is, without moving the Lama or the raped person, those who know quantum physics will understand. For 8 months a llama, a yogi, subtly made me believe that he was in love, nocturnal encounters and Facebook photos then Messenger messages just for me. And brutally he told me that he is a monk, that he is not my boyfriend or a friend, but in this Live Messenger with me and in the last seconds, lying on his bed bare shoulders he says to me in a loving tone ” I love you “; he knows that Messenger does not remember these videos for a moment. It’s vampirism.
      If we want to be nice to all these rapists of the archaic techniques of ecstasy, to create a shock that can open up to other levels of understanding of reality. Violence is in all the monasteries, all the centers; smiles in front, beatings behind, and rapes.
      Another technique, arousing sexual envy by another student at the non-verbal request of a Lama who “tune in” to this emotion in order to feed on it. A Lama whose brother is in prison for 12 years for rape told me “I’m sad, the queen bee is not here”, that is to say that they all tune in to this energy, without asking permission, gang rape.
      Three years ago I asked the Dalai Lama for a word of public compassion about violence against women (that’s not what’s missing in India!), I’m still waiting.
      Dilgo Khyentse said that in Dzogchen you had to put up with everything. The previous Kalou Rinpoche told this story in a book, a young girl goes home saying that a yogi tried to rape her, her mother says to her: go back and see him if he did it, it’s because he has a good reason. The girl returns to the yogi who tells her “it’s too late, it was because a couple of dogs wanted to mate and I wanted to transfer the spirit of their union into you”. There may be more subtle ways to do this stuff !!! Buddhism is a religion and that does not necessarily make people intelligent, smiles, a little energy: mistrust. I lost the urge to practice. This llama is in Gde Bretagne, Wales, long hair, goatee, self promotion videos and photos. He’s got a 10-year-old Dakini somewhere he’s cooking. These days he has had embarrassing photos removed of her holding his cheek. This does not seem to bother the parents (promotion?) … And in addition he gets offended if we get angry!
      Religions are not made to make people intelligent. Honoris causa university degrees given to the Dalai Lama are to protect him from China, that’s all.
      The woman we see now next to Lama Zopa, do you think she’s there to look pretty or to show that women are equal to men?
      The Lamas are uneducated peasants who only know Dharma and violence and beating one’s wife is common in Tibet. As elsewhere ! All this finally explodes into broad daylight little by little.

      1. A vril
        November 20, 2021

        Bonsoir, mon lama s’est excusé. L’affaire est close et d’ailleurs elle ne concernait pas la FPMT. Je vous demande de supprimer mon commentaire du 8 novembre 2021. Merci. J’ai droit au retrait des commentaires selon les lois européennes. Vous avez donné deux titres faux à mes commentaires.

  3. Lhamo Gyed
    May 17, 2019

    Attachment (click on picture to enlarge)

    Attachment (click on picture to enlarge)

    Have you guys seen this?

    I have been reading up with all that had happened with the latest Dagri Rinpoche molestation case. I cannot believe there is so much going on, especially with the way FPMT, their spiritual head, Lama Zopa Rinpoche and the monastery had responded. They are clearly downplaying the abuse, which is uncalled for in this day and age.

    You guys should read what Jakaira, one of the victim’s responded to these parties. It is obvious that she is quite upset with the way they had dismissed her and the other abuse victims. This is quite shocking to read about and does not put FPMT, Lama Zopa or the monastery in good light. As Jakaira has said, they are all liable to the damages inflicted on the victims because they choose to side with the abuser, Dagri.

    Very shocking and sad…

    Do read her letter….


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